About Data7

Data7 is a leading Technology Consulting and Services firm that help organisations maximize profitability and achieve their business goals through customized, cost-effective solutions. Our industry-leading solutions help transform businesses not only for a better today, but also for a better future. ​We aim to provide bespoke yet affordable, Proactive IT support and Managed services to minimise your business risks associated with downtime. With single-source accountability, Data7 processes and teams can efficiently address a range of your IT needs – from communications to data center, to Cloud and Managed services.

Our Core Values

Customer Service Excellence

To attract, retain and recognise highly proficient and professional staff with a strong work ethic. That we expect our staff to complete all jobs with accuracy, consistency and precision.


We seek first to understand before we act on a requirement. It is only through listening that we know we are working on the right things. Correct understanding ultimately drives better customer outcomes.

Simplify & Succeed Together

We proactively seek to simplify our work and work of our customers We tend to remove obstacles and streamline processes to get better results.

Continuous Growth

We tend to help our clients grow as per growing Technology and we endeavour to keep our clients up to date through continued transformations.

Our Services

We offer a range of services for you to choose from that best suits your business needs

Industries We Currently Serve And Continue To Grow

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